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Katy Rogers

Harmony House is an IICT Approved Training Provider. All our are students are eligible to join the IICT. Students in the Australia and New Zealand may also obtain their therapy insurance via the IICT.

The Course

The Body Massage home study course is an excellent way to begin your Massage Therapy career, or to add massage therapy to existing treatments.

The Body Massage home study course is fully insurable.

Our course provides you with a thorough knowledge of the art of Massage.

Our Body Massage distance learning course is environmentally friendly. By making our course notes and workbook electronic, with embedded video and audio files, we have reduced our use of paper to a minimum.

Because our courses are directly downloadable, we do not use the postal service to deliver the materials and so have cut down on fuel delivery emissions.

Our Body Massage home study course is directly downloadable, which means that you can start as soon as you have purchased it!


Course Content:

  • Health, Safety and Security in the workplace - We give you the health and safety requirements needed to ensure your body massage treatment is safe for you and your clients.
  • Anatomy and Physiology required for massage - You will have the knowledge to explain to your clients how the treatment affect their body and how it is improving their well being.
  • Contra-indications relating to massage - The contra -indications that relate to body massage so that you can ensure that your clients enjoy the many benefits of receiving a body massage.
  • Preparing the treatment area - Easy to follow instructions along with great practical video demonstrations of the equipment you need and how to set up the equipment for a Body Massage.
  • Client Consultation, Interpersonal Skills and Body Language - this ensures that the client does not have any contra-indications to treatment, a throrough consultation must be carried out before performing the treatment. It is essential when carrying out a consultation that the you are able to put your client at ease.
  • Record Keeping - By keeping records of your treatments, you can use them to improve your client's treatment by tailoring your treatment to meet your client's needs. Records are essential as in the unlikely event of a of an insurance claim against you, you have a written record of what you did and what you found.
  • Body Massage Routine - We have a step by step, easy to follow instructions of how to carry out a full Body Massage. As well as written instructions, and descriptive diagrams, we have also included great videos so that you can clearly see how the Massage techniques are performed. You may also practice your techniques using our really useful MP3 audio guide which can be listened to with head-phones while putting your techniques into practice.
  • Client after-care advice. - The aftercare advice that you should give your client to ensure your client gets maximum benefit from their treatment and so want to come back for more.
  • Contra-actions relating to Massage. - You can explain the effects that your client can expect when having a Body Massage.

The Body Massage home study Massage Routine is described in four formats, all of which will help you to learn the routine.

  • A written description - Read the description of each technique.  Make short notes so that you can perform the techniques in the order that they are described when performing the massage.
  • A diagram format - You may print off a copy for your own use. It’s a good idea to laminate them to protect them from oil.  They can then be used as a visual prompt when practising your massage treatments.
  • An Audio MP3 file - The MP3 audio file describes in words a full body massage, and acts as a verbal list describing the order and number of times you perform each technique, and helps with the timing of the massage. The audio file could be played out loud or, loaded on an mp3 player, which you could use earphones to listen to help you perform the massage. 
  • Videos embedded in the course pdfs - Watch the videos to see how the massage techniques are performed.  Then practice the techniques on client until you feel comfortable with them.

A sample video

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How to prepare as a therapist 

To play the video’s you will need to open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat reader 9 or above. Following is a link to download Adobe Acrobat reader 9

Adobe Reader Download

How to complete your Course Work

To complete your course work, open the relevant course notes and workbook pdf’s in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and fill in the answers in the workbook and save the workbook pdf where you will be able to find it!

Once you have fully completed a workbook, send an email to with the workbook attached.

We will then assess the workbook, and provide you with feedback.
If any re-work is required, we will indicate the question numbers that need to be revisited and the relevant section of the course notes to look at.

We will repeat this process until the all answers in the workbook are correct.

How to complete your case studies

You will need to complete three case study clients, this will consist of doing four treatments on three people, twelve treatments in all.

For each case study, print off a consultation pack. And three more ‘follow up to treatment form’ forms.

Perform a consultation

Perform a consultation for each client, as described in the Body Massage Course Notes.

This is to determine whether the client has any contra-indications to treatment, and thus whether it is safe to proceed with the course of 4 treatments.

If the client does have contra-indications to treatment. Then ask for a doctor’s permission if the contra-indications are major. Or modify the treatment accordingly if it is a minor contra-indication.

Prepare a treatment plan

Prepare a treatment plan for the course of four treatments. Do use the information that you gleaned from the consultation to determine the client’s problem areas and desired solution, and work together to agree the plan.

Perform a massage treatment

Set up the treatment area as described in the Massage Course Notes.

Inform the client how to prepare for the treatment as described in the Massage Course Notes.

Remember how important hygiene is and inform the client you are going to wash your hands. Telling them lets them know you are a professional therapist and take hygiene seriously.

Perform a massage treatment as described in the Body Massage Course Notes.

When you finish, again tell the client you are going to wash you hands and get them a glass of water.

Once the client is dressed:-

  • Assess how the treatment has gone by asking how they feel.
  • Explain the possible contra-actions of having a massage treatment.
  • Give the After Care advice.

All of which is described in the Body Massage Course Notes.

Give the client the follow up to treatment form and ask them to fill it in and bring to back when they have their next treatment.

Then using all the information you have captured above fill in the Massage Case Study PDF using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9

Once you have completed a Case Study of four treatments, send an email to with the Case Study attached.

We will then assess the Case Study, and proved you with feedback.

Upon completion of the course

Upon completion of the course you will receive you your Harmony House Body Massage Diploma Certificate.

Once you have completed your course, you can purchase your therapy insurance. One provider of insurance for therapists is the IICT.

Complementary Therapist Insurance

The Body Massage home study course can be yours for


 The Body Massage home study course is available in Adobe Acrobat format.

You will require 460 MB of disk space to store the Body Massage home study course, and Adobe Reader 9 to read it and play the multi-media clips.

The Body Massage home study course is delivered by direct download upon purchase.

To download your copy, please select the Download Body Massage home study course link on the download page. This will open the Download Body Massage home study course PDF.

Once it is open select save to save it to a destination on your computer. You can then download the Body Massage home study course at your leisure.

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